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Home Painting Contractor: What to Ask Before Hiring

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While many do-it-yourself homeowners decide to do their own house painting, other property owners take an entirely different approach. They choose a home painting contractor to handle all the details of painting their homes.

Painting your house on your own can certainly be cost effective, but you must first ask whether you have the knowledge and skill set to handle the task yourself. Although you may find painting a pleasurable and easy task, will your final product have a professional appearance and finish?

The last thing you want to do is spend your valuable time working on your home interior paint only to find that the result is less than stellar.

You’ve probably seen what happens when DIY homeowners take painting into their own hands. Just stroll through homes for sale or rent, and you’ll quickly recognize what we mean.

So to avoid the hassle and learning curve to paint your home right the first time, you’ll want to consider an interior painting specialist. And, what should you do before hiring a home painting contractor?

Top 6 Considerations When Hiring an Interior Home Painting Contractor

1) Ask for References

Talk with friends, family members or business associates to learn about local painting professionals. Many people in the community have experience with contractors and will be able to tell you if they completed the job on schedule and were reliable for the project. Personal recommendations usually offer the best source for finding a painter you can trust.

2) Seek Recommendations from Local Sources

sometimes you won’t be able to rely on individual references so your next source for finding a good painting company is to search online, in local directories or at local paint shops. Because paint shops work with painters daily, they usually have a pool of contractors that they recommend to their customers. Hiring a professional painter with a good relationship with a paint store means that they usually have access to a wide range of paint colors, brands and materials to use on your project.

3) Find Out if Contractor is Licensed

State or county licenses offer some reassurance that the contractor has met local standards for licensing. Many areas require insurance and bonding prior to issuing contractor licenses. Licensed, insured and bonded contractors protect homeowners from potential liability in situations where there is property damage or employee injury during the course of the project. Without proper licensing and/or commercial insurance, homeowners can be exposed to potential financial liability.

4) Ask about Years of Experience

Request information from the contractor about how long they have been in business. Check with the state licensing board to determine how many years the contractor has held a license. More experienced painters will have this information readily available along with a list of personal references of past clients that can vouch for their work performance and quality.

5) Request Cost Estimate

Never judge a paint company’s bid on price alone. Generally, there are reasons for extremely low bids or estimates. Less than reputable companies may reduce costs by cutting back on prep work, reducing the number of paint layers or using low quality paint. Others may not carry proper insurance or use undocumented workers. Paint companies that employ these methods may have lower bids, but they put you at risk for a poor paint job or possible lawsuit in the event of injury or property damage. Always get the estimate in writing along with a list of materials and an estimated time frame for completion.

6) Assess Your Comfort Level

Are you comfortable with the contractor you are considering? Painting experts should be willing to discuss your project and answer any questions you may have. Since the company you choose will be spending considerable time in your home, you want someone you feel comfortable with.

Additional Questions to Ask Potential Home Painting Contractors

Here are a few additional questions you might use when interviewing house painting companies:

  • Does the company use subcontractors? If they do, it may lead to inexperienced painters working on your home
  • Does the contractor offer a warranty on his work? Check to make sure warranty includes labor and materials
  • How long does the warranty last?
  • Is there a portfolio of pictures from previous work available for review?
  • What brand of paint does the house painter use?
  • Does the estimate include wall prep?

Having a thorough understanding of the painting contractors you are considering can make the difference in whether you have your home painted with quality materials by professional painters at a price that meets your budget.

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