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New Year, New Look: 3 Ways To Refresh Your Home’s Look For 2021

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Everything from interior painting projects to exterior painting tips & patio improvements, homeowners seek our help for ideas on how to spruce up their home’s look so we’ve come up with three quick, simple ideas for them to consider as we head into 2021.

Change Up Your Hardware & Add Some Art

Many homeowners would be surprised on how much a room’s look can change just by changing up the handles on cabinets, cupboards and doors around your home. Whether you’re looking for a vintage look or a more modern feel, hardware comes in all shapes and sizes so you should be able to get the look you want quite easily.

Along the same lines, swapping out the art around your home can re-energize some of the more stagnant areas or you can add some new art to areas that don’t have any.

Add Some Contrast To Your Spaces

Putting one or two contrasting colors in your rooms is a great way to ensure the new look your seeking will stay fresh over the years. Very often you can get this contrast by simply getting a new interior paint job. Use the existing furniture and art as your base and pick a contrasting color as your new interior wall paint color.

Sharpen Up The Exterior

While much of the focus for new looks in 2019 is on the interior, it’s important to not forget about the exterior of your home! This is the first thing most people see or notice about your home, so make sure to keep it looking sharp. If you need a new look or just need to get the vibrancy back in your existing paint job, you can always contact a local painting company to help you get the best first impression on your home.

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